Friday, March 20, 2009

Just when you thought you've hit rock bottom

You set a new record for how low you can go. Well, let's start where we left off.

Last Thursday I went out of town for a work event at a snow resort. I went with a guy I used to date years ago, and who broke my heart, but now we are good friends. He's recently out of his relationship and we spent most of the drive talking about our respective dating woes. I even mentioned the Tao and how I was trying to revamp fruitless dating style.

Well, the weekend was off to a good start...I was worried he might try to reignight a flame that I had permanently extinguished, so I made sure I slept on the couch, despite him offering his bed to share. (So chivalrous, right?) The 3rd and final night we went to a VIP afterparty, he had too much bottle service, and once home (we were staying at his condo) he started to give me a back rub with hand lotion I had on the coffee table. Then, he would kiss my back a few times. Odd. Awkward. Wasn't sure how to handle it, so I just ignored it. Got up, got ready for bed and practically kicked him off the couch so I could go to bed.

The next morning wasn't awkward. I think we both chocked it up to too much liquor. But now he is calling/txting/emailing me more than he ever did. Why is it that when you aren't insterested that is a cue for men to fall head over heals??? He even knew that I was really starting to like the Motocross guy, and even spoke to him every day that I was there.

Monday I went to see the Motocross guy and had a great time! We chatted for what seemed like hours and went to the beach. He even gave me a foot rub to warm up my feet. Even gave me a really cute compliment...."I could eat you like a box of cookies"...perhaps it was cuter in the moment since he was telling me about his obsession over a particular Panera Bread cookie. He mentioned twice before leaving that he was looking forward to "next time".

That was Monday. Didn't hear from him all week. Finally, following the advice of a guy buddy, I sent him a txt Thursday night saying hello and that I hope his week was going well. Didn't get a response till this morning (Friday) saying he's going through some changes this week. I ask if everything is okay and he says yes. I call him later in the evening and find out that he is probably going to have to move out of where he is living because they are raising the rent...a lot. He teaches motocross and was looking into doing personal training, but given the current market, neither are doing all that great.

He said that if it comes down to it, he will have to sell his bike (one of the primary sources of income) and put all his stuff in storage and just stay with a friend till he gets back on his feet. So, the unemployed thing I have done. I've dated a few guys without a steady job. But the whole "homeless" thing is an all new low. Waitaminute. Maybe not. I think I did date a guy who slept on his buddies couch once. Wow. ***sigh***

So another deletion has made his way back into the the velvet rope of my attention. This one is probably the one that was worth keeping, but never seemed aggressive enough. Not enough Yang, or something like that. But everything else seemed to fit. He SCUBA dives, sky dives, rides motorcycles, but is from the midwest and very family oriented and an all around "good guy". He just always questioned whether or not I was interested, and after a while of doing that, I started to as well.

He's been texting me all day. He works in law enforcement and I saw him at an event I went to this week. He was cuter than I remember, but then again,that may have just been because he was in his "uniform". He's already asked me what I was "up to", but hasn't made any real effort to ask me out.

WTF?? I think I am cursed. I'm starting to think there is a voodoo doll out there with a long black needle through it's heart with my name on it. No bueno.

Perhaps I will spend another Friday at home alone with my Tao. Awesome. Awwwwwesome!

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